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Get to know About Us

We are a team of data and digital enthusiasts with a combined 40 years of operation and corporate office hotel experience. 

Our international experience covers the transformation from past decade till today.  

Save $. Creating your own package.


Once we receive your order, we will cross check if payment is received. When full payment is settled, we will contact you immediately.

We will contact you via email. The email that you used to register and complete the order.

An invoice will also be sent to your email.

Yes. As the setup at our end is to create the tracking profile of your hotel website and then, there are codes that needed to be placed in your website and booking engine (for ecommerce tracking feature). And testing is required to ensure the setup is completed.

Different hotels will have different deliverables. They are depending on the hotels’ present technological environments, markets, and business processes. Hence, all shall be tailor made.

Yes. As we are serving like a consultant or a person you may hire full time to lay down roadmap, review and select suitable vendors, and implement them for your business.

The complexity of hotel distribution, revenue management, digital transformation and digital marketing is beyond one single person’s experience and knowledge.

All products purchase is not refundable. Details of terms and conditions is here

Details of statement of works shall work with client after payment is received. Details services agreement shall be shared up on receiving your order. Sample can be found here.